High-Tech PCBs for Complex Components

Overview of our PCB Product Portfolio

Unimicron Germany is the leading PCB manufacturer in Europe with highly automated and therefore one of the most modern production facilities in Germany. The wide product range extends from standard PCBs such as double-sided PCBs and multilayer PCBs with up to 24 layers up to demanding technologies such as HDI or Semiflex. No matter whether for samples, small and medium-sized lots or high unit quantities, as the High Reliability Business Unit within the Unimicron Technology Group, one of the global leading PCB manufacturers, we can directly access our Asian plants.

The constantly increasing requirements of modern electronic units also pose us a great challenge as a PCB producer. Therefore, we invest in the latest equipment as well as in development of the processes. Being state-of-the-art and maintaining the quality level at the very top is not only our declared target, but also part of the corporate culture we live.

We stipulate our planned developments we wish to achieve during the coming years in our technology roadmap. This includes decisive technological parameters such as microvia, line width and space, but also materials, solder resist mask and surfaces.


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Correct Selection of the Technology is Decisive for Success

Miniaturization, high frequencies, heat dissipation or high current are some of the requirements with which we occupy ourselves. In close collaboration with our customers, we try to find an ideal solution.


“All roads lead to Rome.” Depending on the application and requirement, we can offer you different technologies which we can recommend due to our comprehensive experience:


Heat Management

If high temperatures effect the PCB, corresponding cooling must be ensured. We recommend the following technologies for this:

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High Current

If high currents flow through the PCBs, we recommend the following technologies:

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High Speed

If high speeds are demanded on the PCB, we recommend the following technologies:

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Miniaturisation - Installation Optimisation

If the casing becomes smaller and miniaturisation is a necessity, we recommend the
following technologies:

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